Abigail G.
pea fritters, veggie pies, tofu yassa, paneer peanut butter chu, and tofu jollof rice which is the national dish of Gambia according to the menu. Everything was super flavorful and hearty. I am so grateful for vegetarian versions of these dishes that I might not get to try otherwise. Please let this place survive the pandemic!
Hannah B.
Came here for dinner one night after hearing some friends rave about the place, and was so delighted! Never having had west African food I was excited to try something new. The vibe of the restaurant is so comfortable and welcoming, loved the bingo seats. They have a pretty good selection of wine, which was nice. I ordered the Yassa with paneer. The dish just made me feel so warm and wholesome. Beware the spicy sauce that comes with is spppiiccyyy. I had the smallest amount and my mouth was on fire. The food could definitely be enough for two people, especially if you get an appetizer. But I did not share and stuffed myself till my plate was clean. Sadly that meant no room for dessert, but walked past the cake display and they looked delicious. The parking lot is a bit small, but seems like there could be neighborhood parking if it's full. Looking forward to coming back!
Maria P.
So I'm going to do something that typically doesn't occur...and start with the dessert. Sweets aren't really my thing, but after coming here they might be. Just sayin...have you ever tried a cake with candied rosemary?! Never, ever, in my life, had I seen such a beautiful thing. I've seen rosemary in savory food, served in cocktails, used as garnishment and even on tables as part of the decor...but never on top of a cake! I can't even tell you the name of this cake, but I can say that it was completely and utterly delicious. The perfect ending to a savory meal :D I ordered the jollof rice with beef stew, while my friend ordered the curry chicken. Both were exceptional, and we finished the entire plate! It says a lot considering how ample the portion sizes are :D You could describe it as comfort food to the 10th power. The spice blend was perfect for each bite. The same can be said for the savory pies, but I would stick to the meat/veggie/fish ones and leave the shrimp. While it tasted good in terms of spices, the shrimp were slightly overcooked. Don't forget to dip them in the accompanying sauce! It's the perfect amount for one order (two pies). Wash it down with some fresh hibiscus or ginger juice and you have yourself a satisfying meal. Oh yeah, and the ambiance is perfect for a date night. The pictures say it all...
Will F.
While working at a house near by I came across this phenomenal hide away. Beautiful ambiance settles you in for the awesome food that awaits your taste buds. I had the Chicken Jallop, plantains and potato salad. Everything was awesome! The food was seasoned effectively..Tasty but not over powering. I shared with two of my colleagues and we all left satiated. I had the Ginger juice with my meal and coffee to go with my dessert beignets. I'm an hour away but will definitely add this place to my restaurant rotation.
Madhu R.
Still unbelievably good and consistently tasty high quality food, service, and atmosphere! I love that everything is homemade and the flavors are so unique. The family that runs the place is so generous with portion size so it's a great value.
Andrew P.
I thoroughly enjoyed this place. I was a little caught off guard by the 6-car parking lot right out front, but I didn't realize there were more spaces on the side of the building. Anyways, the chairs for this place are African drums!!!! Both the low and high chairs, I was so excited!! As if the music isn't enough, playing these things really gets the vibe for the place going, I couldn't help it. Although, playing on drums where a bunch of butts sit probably isn't the best idea huh? Anyways, it was a big group of us, and lots of food was ordered. It took a pretty long time, but for the time being I'll blame it on the size of the group. And just to be clear, it was the main courses that took a while, the plantain and meat pies were quick (and both quite delicious!). The main dish that I ordered (and shared with everyone) was the peanut chicken & couscous. It was amazing --- I just wish there was more 'peanut' to go with all the chicken... that sauce was really really good. I tried several other dishes which names I cannot remember, so I'll fast forward to the desserts... I got to sample some yummy cakes, and I think the coconut one might've been my favorite. They were all really good. It's a bit far out for me, but I hope to come back to this place eventually.
Wilson B.
Courtesy of Mansa Kunda I had one the best meals I've had in a long time. Takoma Park is one of my favorite local hangouts, which I never venture too. Following the maps to Mansa Kunda I drove through the definition of idyllic. Nestled on Flower Avenue, I pulled into the small parking lot directly in front at a time when everyone was elsewhere. I was expecting the restaurant to be on the empty side but there were no diners. Just staff moving about and the tv on. Hopefully great West African food can thrive in a bucolic setting. I had seen plenty of pictures of the inside online and knew that it was stylish place. Seeing it up close as a diner I thought that it was even better than in the pictures. The menu which I didn't check out online was a lot more expansive than I pictured. Seeing paneer really whet my appetite but knowing that I had a return visit due, but this go 'round I ran with the Chicken in Peanut Sauce. Starting with a Pie is the best way I believe to start a menu. An order comes with two with a sauce on the side. By the way, the Chicken Pies were great. When the main came, I was not surprised by how much was on the plate. It was a lot of food but it was plated perfectly. Not fancy fancy, but far from slopply. I did enjoy the flavor. I felt like I was eating somewhere other than suburban Maryland because the flavors had me traveling and that's what good food'll do to you. It is obvious, a return trip is in order. The staff was very attentive, and y'all know that an empty restaurant doesn't always equal attentive service. When the check arrived I was wowed by the price. This lunch which took across the entire Atlantic ocean, back to the essence was economical. Many folks can want the world for very little and it is hard to keep a wide array of people happy but Mansa Kunda is the truth. I can't wait to return for dinner because I want to be there when the restaurant is jumping because the word is out.